120m HDMI Matrix Extender over IP Model HDES02-M

120m HDMI Matrix Extender over IP

Model No.: HDES02-M

120m HDMI Matrix Extender over IPis a device based on thestandard TCP/IP protocol for transmitting HD audio and video source over LAN .It transmits your HD display with the high resolutions up to 120 meters awayfrom your HDMI or DVI-D source by using one CAT5e/6 cable. At the same time, it’s also convenient to transmit HDMI audio and videosource by point-to-point, multipoint-to-multipoint and cascade connection mode.


Support HDMI1.3/HDCP1.1&1.2

Support point-to-point mode, multipoint-to-multipoint mode and cascade connection mode.

Standard 802.3 Ethernet

Support one way IR extension.

Pure hardware design, plug and play, do not need to install additional software