Yamaha Potable Sound STAGEPAS 300

Yamaha Potable Sound STAGEPAS 300

Yamaha Potable Sound STAGEPAS 300

STAGEPAS™ 300: On Stage Anywhere, Anytime

STAGEPAS™ 300 is a portable PA system that can be set up to provide high quality live sound anywhere, anytime. Designed primarily for musicians on the move, STAGEPAS™ 300 makes it possible to deliver high-quality live sound in just about any venue or environment with maximum handling ease and minimum hassle.

Speakers, Powered Mixer, and Cables

This all-in-one system provides a pair of passive speakers, a detachable powered mixer, and a pair of speaker cables – everything you need except for your sources. The whole system weighs just 18 kilograms!

Detachable 8-channel Powered mixer with 150W + 150W Output

The powered mixer is normally stored in the rear of one of the speakers. The STAGEPAS™ powered mixer can be detached (the only tool you need is a coin) for convenient operation. The power amplifier is a class-D* type that delivers a solid 150 watts + 150 watts from a remarkably compact unit. The mixer has a total of eight input channels: four mono microphone/line inputs and two stereo line inputs. In addition to speaker outputs for the supplied speakers, the STAGEPAS™ mixer has line outputs that can be used to connect additional powered speakers for monitoring, or to send the mixer’s output to a recording device. * Class-D power amplifiers provide high-efficiency amplification with low power consumption and minimal heat generation, allowing the amplifier to be built into a smaller, lighter, and cooler package.

Two-band EQ and Reverb Built In

Each mixer channel has an easy-to-use two-band equalizer that can help to shape the sound of each channel to achieve the best possible mix. Boost the highs to give a vocal channel more air and clarity, or boost the lows on a guitar channel for more punch. The four mono input channels have reverb on/off switches, and a reverb level control lets you add just the right amount of reverb to bring your sound to life.

For Singers & Instrumentalists

The built-in high-quality reverb is indispensable for great vocal sound, and it can add a lush dimension to the sound of electric-acoustic guitars as well.

For Speech

The STAGEPAS™ mixer has a “speech” mode that optimizes the system settings for maximum clarity with speech. Of course, background music from a CD player or other source can be mixed in with the spoken performance.

For Bands

Multiple microphone inputs make the STAGEPAS™ 300 system a good choice for band rehearsals or performances. MSR100 powered monitors (sold separately) can be added for monitoring.

Optional Mic Stand Adaptor

The optional BMS-10A Mic Stand Adaptor allows the STAGEPAS™ mixer unit to be mounted on a standard straight microphone stand. Mic stand mounting is an ideal way to position the mixer for easy control access while performing.

Datasheet Spec brochure_stagepas_series

Outline STAGEPAS 300
Mixing capability Mixing channels 4 Mono + 2 Stereo
Input channel functions 2-band PEQ, Digital Reverb (CH1-4)
On-board processors Music/Speech
On-board amplifiers Maximum output power @6ohms 150W + 150W
General specifications STAGEPAS 300
Frequency response -3dB 55Hz-20kHz
Components LF 8″ (20cm) Cone
HF 1″ (2.54cm) Compression driver
Maximum output level (1m; on axis) 112dB
Total harmonic distortion Less than 0.5% (20Hz-20kHz)
Hum & noise level Equivalent input noise -106dBu (CH1/2)
Residual output noise -65dBu (Speaker out)
Crosstalk Less than -70dB
Power requirements Depend on area of purchase; AC100V, 120V or 220-240V; 50/60Hz
Power consumption 70W
Dimensions W 275mm; 10-7/8in
H 455.5mm; 17-15/16in
D 255mm; 10in
Net weight 18kg; 39.7lbs (2x Speaker + Powered Mixer)
Accessories Owner’s manual, AC power cord, 2x Speaker cable