4K HDMI SwitchSplitter 2×8 Model HDSS2-8-V1.4

4K HDMI Switch/Splitter 2x8

Model No.: HDSS2-8-V1.4

This HDMI Switcher/Splitter 2x8 can connect 2 HD signalsources with 8 HD display terminals. It can easily split 2-way HD signalsources to 8 HDTVs or projectors which support HD. It also can amplify the HDMIsignal. The two input HD signal sources can be switchedfreely. The HDMI Switch/Splitter 2x8 can support highestvideo resolution 3840x2160/30Hz.


Support HDMI 1.4b

Support 3D

Support highest video resolution 3840x2160/30Hz

Support 3 Gbps data rate for tmds clock up to300Mhz

Support 8/10/12 bit deep color

Support standard AWG26 cable: When theresolution is 1080p and below, input up to 10 metres , output up to 15 metres;When the resolution is 4K, input up to 5 metres , output up to 10 metres

Support single high definition display andmultiple output HD signal sources, such as DVD Players,A/V Receivers andset-top box.

Need DC5V/3A power supply