Cleanline UPS Giant Series

Features :

• Online double-conversion
• DSP technology guarantees high reliability
• Screwless cabinet design and fully coating PCBAs to withstand harsh environment
• True galvanic isolation transformer design
• Control designed to withstand all kinds of loads
• Intelligent battery management to prolong battery lifecycle
• Independent ventilation enhance durable operation under harsh environment
• Adjustable battery numbers
• Accept dual-mains input
• Parallel operation with up to 4 units (option)
• Variety of communication options available
• Optional 7" touch LCD
• Reverse phase frequency operation and supports non-neutral input


• G-15K33           15kVA/12KW
• G-20K33           20kVA/16kW
• G-30K33           30kVA/24kW
• G-40K33           40kVA/32kW
• G-60K33           60kVA/48kW
• G-80K33           80kVA/64kW
• G-100K33         100kVA/80kW
• G-120K33         120kVA/96kW