COOLPO AI HUDDLE PANA กล้องประชุมอัจฉริยะ 360 องศา

The best experience for teams

Work together wherever you are. AI Huddle PANA can easily connect you with colleagues who are a long distance from you. It captures clear facial expressions and body language. Best for a small collaborative space with less than 15 people.

Simplest set-up

USB driver-free installation, plug and play, encoding which adapts to mainstream domestic and foreign video conference software.

The Full Participation

Smart 360° camera lets you see and hear everything, The automatic person detection and speaker tracking makes you feel like you are in the same meeting room, allowing you to focus in the meeting.

Exceptional Intelligence

An integration of advaned. leading visual algorithms that enable Intelligence Zoom,Smooth Adjust, and Grouping. Other intelligence includes voice positioning, background noise blur, echo cancellation, human voice detection, and more.