ENBAO Microphones SG-922/EB-9H/EB-9H



ENBAO SG-922/EB-9H/EB-9H ไมค์โครโฟนแบบไร้สาย UHF แบบถือคู่ แบบมือถือ

Main features

A: Use UHF800MHz band frequency to avoid interference
B: There are three optional band BAND A 720-798MHz, BAND B 790-822MHz, 838-870MHz BAND C
C: a multi-level high-frequency narrow-band frequency filter elections, and fully eliminate the interference signal
D: all use quartz oscillator circuit, a high frequency stability performance
E: A multi-level high-frequency amplification, with high sensitivity
F: multiple noise monitoring circuit, so that it has strong anti-interference properties
G: unique noise mute function, rejected external interference signal to this system for the dark tone
H: the audio frequency response characteristics of the specialized design, a solid bass, IF District bright, clear treble
I: Selected chips and excellent quality parts and components, so that the excellent quality of
J: – receive automatic election to eliminate receiving a corner, overcoming receiver voice output intermittently or unstable shortcomings
K: Kongkuo maximum use distance of 100 meters, 60 meters from the ideal use
L: apply to the size stage, song and dance halls, conference rooms, classrooms, home entertainment

Comprehensive Performance
Carrier Frequency: UHF800MHz
Frequency Stability: <± 30ppm
Dynamic range:> 90dB
Harmonic distortion: <0.5%
Frequency response: 40Hz to 15KHz ± 3dB
Audio Output: Independent: 0 ~ ± 400mV
Mixed: 0 ~ ± 200mV

Power voltage: AC220V/45-60Hz
Power consumption: 4 WATER
SNR:> 98dB
False interference ratio:> 80dB
Adjacent channel interference ratio:> 80dB
Receiver sensitivity:> 5dBu (SINAD = 20dB)
To add: 50uS

Transmitting power: 30mW
Modulation: FM, F3F
The biggest transfer system: ± 25KHz
High-order harmonic generation: Porgy below the 40-dB above
Power voltage: 3V (two 1.5 V alkaline batteries)
Continuous use of time: 6 hours
Power adapter output voltage: DC17V