HDMI SWITCH 4×1 1080P Model HDSW4-N


Model No.: HDSW4-N

The 4x1 HDMI switch allows 4HDMI ports to be switched to a single display terminal via remote control orbuttons on unit. The switcher can be placed at the end of a long HDMI cable toregenerate the HDMI signal.The HDMI switcher can support all hd formatsincluding 720p, 1080i, 1080p multichannel audio, that make the hdmi switcherwork perfect with your home theater.


  •   Support HDMI1.4a
  •   Support 3D
  •   Support highest video resolution 1080p/60Hz (480p560p 720p 1080p)
  •   Support 2.25Gbps data rate for tmds clock up to225MHz
  •   Support 24/30/36 bit deep color
  •   Support standard AWG26 cable, input up to 15 metres,output up to 25 metres
  •   Support single and high definition display formultiple sources, such as DVD Players  and Satellite Receivers, Digital Projectors,  A/VReceivers, Set top Boxes.
  •  Need DC5V/1A power supply.