HSM เครื่องทำลายเอกสารพร้อมอัดเศษวัสดุ Model SP 5088

เครื่องทำลายเอกสารพร้อมอัดเศษวัสดุ HSM รุ่น SP 5088 (3.9 x 40 mm)

With this waste disposal station, HSM combines the FA 500.3 large document shredder with a channel baling press. It is therefore perfect for use in archives or central stations for document shredding, even in large quantities, which are then compressed into bales of up to 90 kg as needed.

Cutting width:  3.9 mm

Particle length:  40 mm

Cutting type:  Particle cut

Security level (DIN 66399):  P-4, O-3, T-4, E-3, F-1

Cutting capacity in sheets 80g/m²:  180-200

Cutting capacity in sheets 70g/m²:  200-240

Shredder material:  Paper, Staples and paper clips, Credit card, CD/DVD, Floppy disk, USB stick

Intake width:  500 mm

Cutting speed:  210 mm/s

Driving power:  85 kW

Voltage:  400 V

Frequency:  50 Hz

Width x Height x Depth:  1246 x 1795 x 3222 mm

Weight:  1,797 kg

Colour:  light grey