Inter-M Amplifier MA-103




The MA-103 is a compact mixing amplifier that requires BGM and voice amplification in lecture halls, training centers,

restaurants, cafes, etc. It can be used conveniently in a small space due to adaptation of high efficiency digital amplifier

circuit. It has high reliability, low weight and low heat generation, also can use MIC, LINE input according to any type of

application. It is a device that implements various additional features such as tone control, TEL IN and priority function

in a compact size.


  • Compact Design

  – Half rack size compact design and function provide ease of installation

  • Digital Amplifier Circuit

  – 30W rated power of high efficiency digital amplifier circuit guarantees high reliability, low weight, and low heat.

  • SMPS Power Supply Circuit

  – Stable SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) circuit provides low power consumption and low weight.

  • Various Inputs and Additional Functions

  – 3 channels various (3.5mm 3P EURO input, 6.3Φ and 3.5Φ Phone Jack, RCA cable) inputs are available.

     TEL IN and priority function is also provided.

  • Tone Control Function

  – Depending on the frequency used, there are treble and bass controllers to adjust the tone to suit your surroundings and purpose. (At 300Hz and 10kHz, each adjustable ± 10dB)

  • Priority Broadcast Function

  – Priority broadcasting function is adopted which can control other input signals by input signal of TEL IN and INPUT 1. (TEL IN >> INPUT 1 >> INPUT 2 = INPUT 3)

 Specification MA-103
Rated Power 30W
Input Sensitivity / Impedance 15.5V/8Ω, 70V/166Ω, 100V/333Ω
LOW Impedance MIC (BALANCE) -60dBu/2kΩ
TEL IN 0dBu/5kΩ
Frequency Response 200Hz ~ 18kHz
LOW Impedance MIC Frequency Response 200Hz ~ 13kHz
Total Harmonic Distortion Less than 0.5 %
S/N Ratio MIC Less than 0.5 %
LINE, TEL IN More than 55dB
RCA, 3.5Φ PHONE JACK More than 75dB
Tone Control BASS (300Hz) ±10dB
TREBLE (10kHz) ±10dB
Operation Temperature -10℃ ~ +40℃
Power Supply AC 100 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 10.5W (1/8W)
Weight (Set) 1.5kg/3.31Ib
Dimension (Set) 210(W) x 44(H) x 180(D) mm
8.27 x 1.73 x 7.09 in