Inter-M Column Speaker CU-400 series

Inter-M Column Speaker CU-400 series AUDIO SYSTEMS

A New design of column speaker, CU-400 series, is for indoor speaker, and it matches with interior very well. Also, the  rst column speaker that has the KS certication can be guaranteed high reliability and function and it provide a rich quality sound so it fit to multiple usage building such as department store.

Features :

  • Full range driver unit
  • Using of high quality matching transformer
    – CU-410(10 W) : 1 kΩ(White)/2 kΩ(Green)
    – CU-420(20 W) : 500 Ω(White)/1 kΩ(Green)
    – CU-430(30 W) : 330 Ω(White)/660 Ω(Green)
    – CU-440(40 W) : 250 Ω(White)/500 Ω(Green)
  • Light gray color for matching with interior
  • User based design for fast installation
  • Direction adjustable with bracket
  • Grading of IP-34
  • Datasheet CU-410F_420F_430F_440F_BR_E_1702_V10