Inter-M Horn Speaker HS Series

Inter-M Horn Speaker HS Series AUDIO SYSTEMS

HORN HS SERIES HS-S20/20/20RT/30/30RT/40RT/50

Horn Speaker of Inter-M delivers high sound pressure and precise control of the sound. It is not easily bent or broken as it is made up of very strong materials such as aluminum and by zinc die-casting. The Horn Speaker is movable from 180’ up-and-down and 360’ left to right. It is designed to mount on the wall very easily. In addition, it perfectly operates under any climates as being accredited by EN-54-24(European Standard of audio announcements of loud speaker for fire alarm) with IP 65 Class.

Features :

  • Excellent intelligibility & Loudness for Voice and Tone Signaling
  • High directivity
  • Good reliability
  • Environment Resistant for Outdoor and Indoor Use
  • High-Efficiency Driver with Proven Performance
  • Transformer Equipped for Versatile 25, 70.7, or 100 V Line Applications
  • Datasheet Spec HS Series

Unit HS-20 HS-20RT HS-30 HS-30RT HS-40RT HS-50
Rated Power W 20 20W 30 30W 40W 50
Impedance Ω 500, 1k 500Ω/1KΩ 330, 660 330Ω/660Ω 200Ω/400Ω 200, 400
Frequency Response Hz 380~6.5k 350Hz-5KHz 380~6.5k 250Hz-5KHz 380~6.5k
SPL (1W/m) dB 106 104dB 107 106dB 109
Weight kg/lb 2.45/5.4 500Ω/1KΩ 2.85/6.3 3.1/6.8
Dimensions mm 250(Ø)x280 250×197.5×310 280(Ø)x350 320x210x365 320x210x365 320(Ø)x350
(W x H x D) inches 10(Ø)x11 11(Ø)x13.7 12.6(Ø)x13.7