IP Camera Tester หน้าจอ 4 นิ้ว รุ่น X4 series เครื่องทดสอบกล้องวงจรปิด

Handheld 4" waterproof dustproof interface IP Camera Tester                       

Model: X4 series

  • 4 inch IPS touch screen, 800*480 resolution
  • H.265/H.264, 4K video display via mainstream
  • Chrome browser, test and set Axis camera
  • HDMI Input, support 1080P
  • DC12V 3A, DC 48V PoE power output
  • RJ45 cable TDR test, cable quality test
  • Rapid ONVIF & HD camera's Lens simulation and focus function
  • Interface waterproof and dustproof
  • Backlight buttons, easier to operate in the dark
  • TesterPlay: Tester, mobile phone, PC display at the same time

Camera test:

  • 4 inch IPS touch screen, 800*480 resolution
  • H.265 & H .264 IP, 4K video display via mainstream
  • 8MP TVI test,3840 x 2160P 12.5/15 FPS,4xzoom ,video record &playback ,coaxial PTZ control & call OSD menu *
  • 8MP AHD test, 3840x2160P 15 FPS, 4xzoom, video record & playback, coaxial PTZ & call OSD menu *
  • 8MP CVI test, 3840 x 2160P 12.5/15FPS, 4xzoom, video record& playback, coaxial PTZ & call OSD menu *
  • 8MP EX-SDI test, 3840 x 2160P 25/30FPS,4xzoom, video record& playback, coaxial PTZ & call OSD menu *
  • HD-SDI test, 1920 x 1080P 25/30/50/60 FPS, 4xzoom, video record& playback, coaxial PTZ & call OSD menu *
  • 3G-SDI test, 1920 x 1080P 50/60 FPS, 4xzoom, video record& playback, coaxial PTZ & call OSD menu *
  • Rapid ONVIF, Auto log in and display image, create testing report
  • Len simulation: simulate different  lenses display area,supported lens:“2.8/3.6/4/6/8/12/16/25mm”is for to choose camera lens.
  • AXIS, Hikvision camera test, enter ONVIF app, input username and password to test
  • IP and analog display image at the same time
  • IPC TEST (Non-ONVIF test) ,HIK test tool (Hikvision camera),DH test tool (Dahua camera)
  • CVBS camera test, PTZ controller
  • DC12V/3A power output,camera can be powered from DC 12Votage .
  • Rapid video, just by one key to detect all network cameras and auto display
  • Built in Wi-Fi, display image from the wireless camera, create WIFI hotspot
  • CVBS loop test, the tester send and receive color bar generator signal, to check BNC cable
  • Enhanced Color bar generator, PAL/NTSC multi-system color bar video generator

Cable test:

  • Improvement cable tester, UTP cable, telephone cable etc order and connectivity test, can save testing report, if special number, need customized
  • RJ45 cable TDR test, test cable pair status, length, attenuation, reflectivity, impedance, skew etc
  • Cable tracer, search BNC cable, network cable and telephone cable from the mess cables *

Other Functions:

  • Network tool: Ping, IP scan, Port Flash ,DHCP server, Trace Route
  • POE & power information, DC12V& PoE power and voltage output /input measurement
  • Tester Play: Tester, android version mobile phone and PC display at the same time
  • Shortcut button, drop-down menu, can select Poe power, IP setting, CVBS, LAN info, HDMI IN etc
  • HDMI signal input,720×480p /720×576p /1280×720p /1920×1080p /1024×768p/1280×1024p /1280×900p /1440×900p display image ,record and snapshot *
  • Traffic monitoring of the tester "LAN port", display network port or WIFI connection real-time upload and download speeds and other network parameters
  • Customers self update software, you can install apps with android version
  • Media player, 4K video files and MKV/MP4 media files play
  • Quick office, quick office app (support excel ,word ,ppt format ) doc. editable
  • 8GB SD card including
  • Display its genuine resolution of the IP camera images
  • Audio in, support record and save the audio/LED lamp, calculators, music players and other application tools
  • 7.4 V /4000mAh Lithium Ion Polymer Battery, after 3~4 hours charging , working time lasts 9 hours