NPE 12 Channels Rack Mount Mixer With Digital Delay

NPE 12 Channels Rack Mount Mixer With Digital Delay AUDIO  SYSTEMS



FREQUENCY RESPONS All output from Mic or Line +0,-0.5dB,20Hz to 20kHz
HUMS & NOISE Equivalent Input Noise [EIN] -126dB
RS=”150″OHMS RM-12D All output, Residual noise : All fader down -94dB
INPUT GAIN =”MAX” All output : Master fader at -87dB
All output : All Master & input fader at 0dB -67dB
CMRR Mic input Gain “Max” 1 kHz 80dB
DISTORTION Mic input to PGM output,Gain “Max” [+4dB output] <0.01%THD,<0.02%IMD(SPMTE)
GAING Mic input to PGM output, variable 20dB to 60dB : Norminal, 80dB : Max
Stereo input to PGM output, variable 0db to 20dB : Norminal, 40dB : Max
Line input to PGM output, variable 0dB to 40dB : Norminal, 60dB : Max
Echo-Retn input to PGM outpu 14dB : Norminal, 24dB : Max
INPUT IMPEDANCE Mic input balanced,XLR jack RM-120D 2.2k ohms approx
Line input balanced, 1/4″ Stereo phone jack 22k ohms approx
Echo-RETN input unbalanced 1/4″ Stereo phone jack 10k Ohms approx
DIGITAL DELAY Delay time adjust 10ms to 400ms
Frequency Respones. +0,-3dB 50Hz to .12kHz.
OUTPUT Impedance, all output 100dB Ohms approx
Max level, all output +22dB
CORSSTALK channel Mic input to adjacent channel .-100dB at 1kHz,-98dB at 10kHz.
Pan attenuation, left to adjacent channel -80dB at 1kHz,-76dB at 10kHzv
CHANNEL EQUALIZERS LF : Low frequency ±15dB @ 80Hz shelving
MF : Middle frequency ±12dB @ 2.5 KHz peaking
HF: high frequenc ±15dB @ 12kHz shelving.
SIGNAL INDICATORS Green SIGNAL-LED on all channe turn on at 0dB
Red PEAK-LED on all channel turn on at 6dB below clipping
2 LED-VU meters on master outputs set to read 0VU = +4dB
HEADPHONE OUTPUT One stereo 1/4″ stereo phone jack 200mW at 8 Ohms, 0.015% THD
DIMENSIONS Width x Height x Depth [MM] 482.6 x 354 x 72.
WEIGHT kg./Lbs 6.75kg(14.74Lbs)