DESCROPTON : 2 Channels AUX1 and AUX2
1 channel microphone   D.J. with AUTO FADER
3 stereo channels TAPE 1, TAPE 2 and TAPE3
2 stereo channels PHONO 1 and PHONO 2
2 stereo output PGM and REMOTE
1 output LIGHT
1 output MONITOR PEL on the channels and to the master
PHONE jack socket for stereo hedphones.
Technical Data AUX 1 and AUX 2 inputs with variable
GAIN control level to be adjusted from -60dB to-20dB (1/4″ stereo jack); Z-in 1k ohms
RCA jack to be ATT 20dB from 1/4″ stereo; Z-in 10k ohms
TREBLE tone controls at 15dB; 8kHz ahelving.
BASS tone controls at 15dB; 80Hz shelving;
EFFECT  control, PAN control L and R, 100 mm.
Sliding volume control.
Mic D.J. : On-Off channel switch, control fo input sensitivity, regulation of treble and bass tones.
PAN control on L and R, 100 mm.
Sliding volume control.
AUTO FADER with on-off switch,
TME RELEASE adjustment,
DAMPING control
IN/OUT jack socket with -10dB at 10K ohms  on the output, -10dB at 600 ohms ot the input
Tape-1, Tape-2 Stereo inputs and outputs with regulation of input level,
& Tape-3 : PFL control  , 100 mm. Sliding volume control.
Input level from -20dB to 0dB at 47K ohms.
Phono-1 & Phono-2 : Stereo inputs with RIAA equalization with input level control,
PFL control volume slider control of 100 mm.
Input level from-50dB to -30dB at 47k ohms.
Master PGM & Remote : Treble tone control; ± 15dB at 16kHz,
Middie range with ± 10dB at 700Hz
Bass with ± 15dB at 40Hz. 100 mm.
Sliding volume control
MONO-STEREO selector
Output level +4dB (1.23V) max + 20dB (7.75 V)  At 600 ohms unbalanced.
Light : Output for light control with ON/OFF switch and output level up to +4dB.
Monitor : Output for monitor with ON/OFF switch and output level control up to +4dB controlled by  the PFL-MASTER PHONE selector
Output for stereo headphones with volume control,  power 150 + 150 mW. At 8 ohms.
Frequency Fesponse : 0, -2dB 22 HZ to 44 kHz
Signal to Noise Ratio : 90dB unweighted.
Cross Talk : better than – 50dB at 10kHz.