NPE Professional mixing console MX-Series 4 Sub Group

NPE Professional mixing console MX-Series 4 Sub Group AUDIO  SYSTEMS


MX-1204    MX-1604   MX-2404    MX-3204

Frequency Response
+0.0,-0.5dB, 20Hz to 20kHz (referenced to 1kHz)Total Hamonic Distortion
Input routed to mix, +20dBu out @ 1kHz.A5 < 0.005%
Mic in to insert send out, max gain 1kHz. .-85 dBu
Mic input 150ohm temination, 20Hz-20kHz .-129dBu
Mix Noise (Input fader down, master fader at 0dB) ..-80 dBu
Crosstalk (Measured 1kHz)
Channel Mute >102dB
Channel Fader Attenuation >80dB
Channel Routing >85dB
Channel Aux Send Attenuation >80dB
Input/Output Impedances
Mic Input 1.8kohm Balanced
Line Input 10kohm Balanced
Stereo Input 8.6kohm Balanced
Cass/CD Input 12.8kohm Balanced
Stereo Return 19kohm Balanced
All Output 120kohm Balanced
Input/Output Level (0VU = +4dBu, 1.23V RMS)
Mic in / Line in Maximum Level +28dBu
Stereo Input .+25dBu
Cass/CD Input +18dBu
Norminal Input for +4dBu at Mix Output, level at ‘7’All output -10dBV (LO)
-20dBV (HI)
Input channel equalization
15dB Maximum cut or boost in each of 4Band swept H-MID, L-MID
Hi 12kHz
H-MID swept 550Hz- 13kHz
L-MID swept 80Hz 1.9kHz
Lo 80Hz
Lo Cut Hp filter 100Hz 18dB/oct
Phantom power +48V DC Supplied via 6.8k current limiting/solation resistor to balanced input for powering condenser microphone
Heigh 635mm
Dept 102mm
MX-1204 635mm
MX-1604 1011mm
MX-2404 1281mm
MX-3204 1537mm
MX-1204 25kg/55.00 lb
MX-1604 32kg/70.40 lb
MX-2404 39kg/85.80 lb
MX-3204 46kg/101.20 lb
Power Supply 1 set