NPE Stereo Mixer MD-Series E

NPE Stereo Mixer MD-Series E AUDIO  SYSTEMS


MD-802D ,MD-1203D

Frequency Response: MIC / LINE input to any audio output (EQ flat test position) Min Gain 20Hz-20kHz 0, -0.5dB
Max Gain 80Hz-20kHz 0, -0.5dB
Frequency Response: Stereo input to anyaudio output (EQ flat test position) Min Gain 5Hz-30kHz 0, 0.5dB
Max Gain 20Hz-20kHz 0, 0.5dB
Distortion (THD) frequency 1kHz @ +20dBu Any input to audio output Better than 0.03%
Channel Equalizer Shelving+/-15dB LF 80Hz
Peaking+/-12dB HF 12kHz
MF 2kHz
Noise Measured 20Hz-20kHz MIC / Line input Ref 150W <-125dBu
Equivalence input noise (EIN) Stereo input Ref 150W <-102dBu
Common Mode Rejection Ratio MIC / Line input >80dB
Stereo input >50dB
Hum & Noise 20Hz-20kHz (Echo Off) Any Max Gain & Boost <-35dBu
GAIN ref PGM, Monitor Output @ 100kW Microphone input 30dB to 70dB
Line input 0dB to 20dB
Return input 15dB
Difference PGM Output SEND & REC output -13dB
Maximum Input Level (min gain) Microphone input 4dBu
Line input 44dBu
Stereo input 27dBu
Input Impedance Microphone input >2kW active balanced
Line input >47kW active balanced
Return input >20kW unbalanced
Output Impedance Any audio output >100W
Effect Control 16 programs, 16 variations
Channel Peak Indicators Before Clipping 4dB
Output Level Indicatiors Ref 0dBu 0.775Vrms
Dimensions Width x Height X Depth MD-802DMD-1203D 272x265x63mm357x265x63mm
(Exclude knobs & connector)
Weight: Exclude Pack MD-802DMD-1203D 2.9kg / 6.38lbs3.2kg / 7.04lbs
Power Requirement / Consumption AC Adapter 220V to 18Vct 14VA