owllabs video conference รุ่น Meetng Owl pro

The Meeting Owl Pro 360° camera, mic, and speaker offers our highest resolution and best

sound for your conference room. Enabled for Smart Meeting Rooms.




- 2X sharper camera with 1080p resolution and 2X louder 360° in-room sound. Smart mics equalize speaking volume.

- Plug in the power and USB, load up your favorite video conferencing platform, and start your meeting. Compatible with all top platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype for Business, and Microsoft Teams.

- Meeting Owl provides the most productive and inclusive experience for distributed teams, remote workers, satellite and global offices
- Powered by Owl Intelligence System™, it uses vision and voice to autoshift the camera. Also enabled to receive new smart features overtime.

Why Choose Meeting Owl Pro?

Why Choose Meeting Owl Pro?
Meeting Owl Pro is the top 360° smart conferencing camera with exceptional meeting experience, highest resolution in 1080p, and premium sound.

Meet the Meeting Owl Pro: This 360° smart conference camera is equipped with 2X sharper camera image quality and 2X louder sound than the original Meeting Owl, making it one of the top all-in-one conference cams available. The pro edition lets you turn any room into a Smart Meeting Room.

Introducing the Smart Meeting Room: By adding a Meeting Owl Pro to any conference room, your space is now equipped to become a Smart Meeting Room. Expect a growing ecosystem of smart features and applications to help your team be even more productive.