Plastic VGA+ R/L TO HDMI Converter Model HDCVGA01-M

Plastic VGA+ R/L TO HDMI Converter

Model No.: HDCVGA01-M

The VGA to HDMI Converter allows VGA+R/L signal to beconverted easily to HDMI signal which was showded on HD monitor or projector.

Our devices offer solutions fornoise, space and security concerns, data center control, informationdistribution, conference room presentation, school and corporate trainingenvironments.


One VGA+R/L input signal convert to TMDS signal which supports HDMI

Support video input : VGA analog

Support audio input : R/L analog

HDMI output : Support up to 1920x1200, sameformat as input

LED indication: when source or sink isworking, the related LED lights up

Support output up to 10 metres AWG26 cablelength

No loss of quality

Installs in minutes

Need Micro USB for charging