QSC Speaker AD-S4T-BK/WH


QSC AD-S4T-BK/WH ลำโพงติดผนัง Two-way, 4″ Surface Mount, Weather-resistant,Foreground/Background Loudspeaker with 70/100V transformer & 8Ω bypass, includes mounting hardware, Available in black or white. Price is per speaker but must purchase in pairs.

The black QSC AcousticDesign AD-S4T Loudspeaker is a surface mounted 70/100V, 4″ two-way loudspeaker system, ideally suited for a wide variety of foreground and background sound reinforcement applications. The AD-S4T features a high-quality 4″ weather-treated paper cone woofer on a 1″ voice coil. It also has a 0.75″ silk dome tweeter with a 0.75″ voice coil. The consistent and even 120° axisymmetric (conical) coverage is achieved through DMT (Directivity Matched Transition), which matches the directivity patterns of the woofer and the high-frequency waveguide at the crossover point. The even and accurate frequency response of the AD-S4T is maintained even in 70/100V applications by use of a low-loss, low-saturation 30W transformer with selectable taps, including an 8-ohm bypass. The rotary selector is located on the back of the enclosure, protected by a weather grommet. Featuring a rugged ABS enclosure, sealed input panel cover, and powder-coated aluminum grille, the AcousticDesign surface-mounted speaker exceeds IEC60529 IP-54 ratings for dust and splash resistance.

The two-way surface-mount loudspeaker includes the X-Mount system for easy installation. Knurled surfaces at the pivot planes ensure the load will not drift or sag over time. Articulation marks allow pre-configuration of the X-Mount while on the ground with no special tools required. Voicing filter sets using QSC Intrinsic Correction techniques are obtainable via Q-Sys networked audio processing platforms, including CXD amplifiers (sold separately). For your system integration needs, complete EASE, CF2, CAD, and BIM files are available for download on the QSC website.

  • 4″ Weather-treated woofer; 0.75″ silk dome tweeter
  • 120° Axisymmetric (conical) coverage
  • 30W Low-saturation and low-loss 70/100V transformers with 8-ohm bypass
  • Maximum peak SPL 110 dB (8 ohm bypass)
  • DMT (Directivity Matched Transition) ensures smooth, uniform frequency response over the coverage area
  • X-Mount system enables the loudspeaker to be easily installed and deployed at a variety of angles
  • Lightweight ABS enclosure for durability
  • Sealed input panel cover and powder coated aluminum grille for added weather resistance
  • Meets IEC60529 IP-54 for dust and splash resistance
  • Suitable for foreground and background sound reinforcement applications in restaurants, retail, educational institutes, concourses, casinos, transportation terminals, places of worship, or as part of large system ancillary support
  • Complete EASE, CF2, CAD, and BIM information available online