RISCO Fire Alarm System อุปกรณ์เสริม


LDM Lamp Driver Modules

  • ALARM/CIRCUIT ON and TROUBLE lamp/LED per-point option, or more dense alarm-only option (field selectable).
  • Control switch option for remote control per point.
  • Lamps/LEDs may be programmed to display status of indi- cating circuits or control relays as well as system status conditions.
  • System trouble lamp/LED signal.
  • On-line/power LED indicator.
  • Optional RPT-485 increases EIA-485 wire distance (see RPT-485 Series catalog sheet).
  • Optional fiber-optics EIA-485 transmission with RPT-485F wire-to-fiber converter (see RPT-485 Series catalog sheet).
  • Alarm and trouble resound with flash of new conditions.
  • Local sounder for both alarm/circuit-on and trouble condi- tions with silence/acknowledge switch connection.
  • Serial EIA-485 interface for reduced installation costs.
  • May be powered by 24 VDC from the panel or by remote power supplies.
  • Efficient switch-power converter reduces power consump- tion.
  • Microprocessor-controlled electronics, fully supervised.
  • Plug-in terminal blocks for ease of installation and service.
  • Trouble monitor option for remote power supplies.

Monitor Modules with FlashScan

The NFS-320 intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel is part of the ONYX® Series of Fire Alarm Controls from NOTIFIER.

As a stand-alone small-to-medium system, or as a large net- work, the ONYX Series of products meets virtually every application requirement.
Designed with modularity and for ease of system planning, the NFS-320 can be configured with just a few devices for small building applications, or for a large campus or high-rise appli- cation. Simply add additional peripheral equipment to suit the application.

NOTE: Unless called out with a version-specific “C” or “E” at the end of the part number, “NFS-320” refers to models NFS-320, NFS-320C, and NFS-320E; similarly, “CPU-320” refers to models CPU-320, CPU-320C, and CPU-320E.