Sennheiser AVX Audio for Video recording

Sennheiser AVX Audio for Video recording  AUDIO SYSTEMS


Relax, it’s an AVX

Sennheiser’ AVX is the wireless and most relaxed way of capturing video sound. The number one choice for every videographer.

Perfect sound you can rely on

The job of a videographer is no cakewalk: As one-man-show without sound recordist he has to make sure, that both – video and audio are always perfectly captured. The new Sennheiser AVX lightens his workload immediately: Once plugged in it instantly takes away the audio part from the to-do-list. From now on videographers can simply rely on perfect sound – and concentrate on what they really love to care about: to film great pictures.

The Oracle

Sometimes videographers have to travel to the most remote locations. In our film the videograph Steve is heading off to a small village to lift the secret of a legendary Oracle: It awakes only once every ten years to predict the future. Legend has it that it foresaw the discovery of America, the first landing on the moon and the invention of the massage cushion. But no one seems to know how old it is.

Will Steve be there when it awakes after 10 long years? What will The Oracle predict? And will Steve be able to capture this critical moment perfectly in sound and vision? This film gives all the answers.


Dynamic Range


Dynamic Range

Dynamic Range guarantees perfectly levelled sound – no matter whether it’s very quiet or extremely loud. The AVX matches perfectly to the camera’s input sensitivity. Without having to adjust the audio level on the microphone by hand.



The AVX plugs directly into the XLR audio input and uses phantom power. It switches on and off automatically with the camera. So it is instantly ready to record and saves battery power when the camera is turned off.



The AVX works faster than the human ear. Before any interferences becomes audible, the AVX selects the best operating frequency and switches to a clean channel. No matter what happens: Perfect audio transmission between the microphone and the camera is guaranteed.