Sennheiser Microphone MKH Series

Sennheiser Microphone MKH Series AUDIO SYSTEMS

MKH Series

Discover the soul of sound

High-resolution digital recording technology only makes sense when the microphone is up to par. The state-of the–art no-noise microphones of the Sennheiser MKH series definitely are. Leaving nothing out and adding nothing to the sound itself this series of truth-loving condenser mics is made for the requirements of high-class professional studio production indoors and outdoors.

Especially designed for the exterior are the MKH 8060 – a film, documentary and ENG specialist – and the MKH 8070, developed for major sports events and broadcasting. Thus you can now capture the overwhelming atmosphere of a sports event as well as the inspiring performance of a church choir or the triumphant sound of a world-class orchestra in full Sennheiser MKH quality.

 We put the class in classic

We put the class in classic

High-tech with a strong sense of craftsmanship comes with the MKH classics as well as the MKH 800 and 8000 series. Superior no-noise microphones sporting a wide frequency response and dynamic range as well as features like five switchable pick-up patterns.

The sound of the action

The sound of the action

Surprisingly small for a professional gun microphone the MKH 8060 will give you the quality sound to match your exciting pictures. Whether it’s a feature film, documentary or ENG.

A good sport

A good sport

Its excellent directivity and off-axis linearity make the MKH 8070 your ideal team member for major broadcast and sporting events. Due to its pronounced lobar pick-up pattern it will reliably capture that magic moment even from a distance.

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MKH 416-P48U3

Short shotgun interference tube microphone for film, radio, and television, especially for outside broadcast applications. Excellent directivity and compact design, high consonant articulation and feedback rejection.

Datasheet : MKH416P48_ProductSheet

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MKH 418-S

Universal M-S stereo shotgun microphone. For every type of application in film, radio, television, and reporting, both indoors and outdoors. Compact design, very good consonant clarity and spatial representation.
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MKH 8070

Long shotgun microphone. Ideal for major broadcast and sporting events. Extreme directivity, reliably capturing distant sounds even under the toughest sonic and climatic conditions. Extremely weather-proof.
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MKH 8060

Compact shotgun microphone. Provides great sound to feature films, documentaries, outdoor shoots or studio productions. Absolute natural sound and outstanding off-axis linearity. Ideal for camera mounting.

MKH 800 P48

Superior microphone for every recording application. Exceptionally wide dynamic range. Five switchable pick-up patterns. Switchable multi-stage tone control. Stable directivity across the entire response range.


Universal studio condenser microphone of exceptional quality. Pick-up patterns can be remotely adjusted and optimized under monitoring conditions. High transducers linearity minimizes signal distortions.