TOA Digital Matrix Mixer

M-9000M2 Digital Matrix Mixer


The M-9000M2 Pre-Amplifier is designed to be used in conjunction with optional modules and can be configured for up to 8 inputs and 8 outputs. 9000 series modules as well as existing 900 series input modules can be used. The most appropriate modules can be selected depending on applications. It is equipped with signal processing and control functions necessary for sound reinforcement, permitting all parameters to be set at the mixer. Settings data can be stored inside the unit and called up using the keys on the front panel.


MM-700F Matrix Pre-Amplifier

MM-700F*AS Model*

The MM-700F matrix pre-amplifier performs matrix controls from 4 LINE plus 2 MIC/LINE level inputs to 4 output channels. Each output channel features 64 DSP preset selections for general equalizations, crossover for sub-woofer, or variety of TOA’s speakers’ EQ settings. 2 MIC/LINE inputs have 1st and 2nd priority levels which can override at assigned output channels automatically or manually. If connected with optional WP-700-AM wall assignments and setup can be done by dip switches on its rear panel without laptop PC. This unit fits a wide-range of applications require multi-zone pagings and/or background music distribution at restaurants, pubs, retail stores, or factories, etc.