Touchscreen Kiosk computer/monitor with 10 point touch 23.6 inch รุ่น TD236

Model: TD236
Series: TD
Size: 23.6"
Touchscreen type: capacitive touchscreen
Color: black/white
Response time: 5-8ms


1.Touch screen parameters
Touch screen type Projected capacity touch screen
Response time 5ms
Touch points Standard 10-point touch
Touch recognition 1.5mm(Finger, touch pen opaque objects)
Scanning rate 200 Hz
Scanning accuracy 4096×4096
Communication Full-Speed USB 2.0,3.0
Theory Clicks More than 50 million times
Operating current / voltage 180Ma/DC+5V±5%
Anti-light interference Sunlight, incandescent, fluorescent and other light during normal use change
Touch data output Coordinate output
Surface hardness Physical steel Mohs 7 explosion-proof glass
Operating System Compatibility Windows 7/ Windows 8 / Windows XP / Linux /MAC OS /Android
Drive Free drive, plug and play
2.LED screen parameters
Screen Type LED backlight, A-type
Resolution 1920*1080P
Brightness 250 cd
Contrast ratio more than 1000:1
Response time 1.5/4ms
Number of colors 16.7M(8-bit 2(LVDS) Channel low-voltage differential signal)
Refresh rate 60Hz
Viewing angle 178 degrees horizontal,178 degrees vertical
Life time 50000 hours
3.Display parameters (as a touch display only partially used)
Power Interface 12V
VGA input(15-pin D-Sub) 1
High-definition multimedia interface(HDMI) 1
DVI Interface 1
PC-AUDIO input 1
Headphone output 1
Sound output power 2*10W
Number of Loudspeakers 2
4.Power supply parameters
Input Power 110-240V AC 50/60Hz
Overall power consumption less than 60W
Standby power consumption less than 0.5W
5.Working environment
Operating temperature 0℃-38℃
Working humidity 0% - 90%
Storage temperature -40℃-85℃
Storage humidity 10% - 95%
6.Standard Accessories
Instructions Electronic file specification
Power Adapter 1 pc
Wall mount 1 set
Warranty Card 1 set
Certificate 1 set