Yamaha Speaker R Series

Yamaha Speaker R Series AUDIO SYSTEMS

Yamaha R Series 

Yamaha’s Club Series loudspeakers have long been a popular choice among audio professionals and musicians for offering quality components, excellent performance, and durability at an affordable price. In that same tradition, the R-Series offers powerful sound, practical function, features, and audio quality at a price that is even harder to beat. Features like high-power woofers, titanium high frequency compression drivers, and constant directivity horns, deliver audio
performance that is hard to obtain in this price range. Neutrik’s Speakon connectors, durable MDF enclosures, big heavyduty steel handles, durable finishes, and heavy-duty grills offer convenience and protection that professionals look for in a sound system.
Enclosures are designed with rounded fronts that look better when multiple units are arranged in an array and the series offers six different models, designed to meet the needs of a variety of budgets and applications.

High Frequency Driver

High Frequency Driver

High Frequency Driver

This rigid and lightweight 1.75-inch titanium driver delivers accurate high frequency reproduction.


Two-way systems utilize a 90º X 40º constant directivity horn in combination with dynamic compression drivers to provide high performance and smooth response.

Low Frequency Drivers

The R-series offers 12″, 15″, and 18″ woofers that are designed to deliver powerful low-end sound.

Low-End Magnets

Massive magnets on low frequency drivers produce a powerful magnetic field that contributes to powerful low-end response.


All enclosures are constructed of durable MDF (medium density fiberboard) and designed with curved fronts for smoother looking arrays.


All models are equipped with a single Neutrik Speakon connector and two phone jacks, all wired in parallel


All models are equipped with a single Neutrik Speakon connector and two phone jacks, all wired in parallel


Big heavy-duty steel handles let you get a firm grip on the speakers and are big enough to accommodate gloved hands.


Both the R112 and R115 are equipped with fittings that allow quick attachment of hardware for flying the speakers.

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