Yamaha Speaker S55

Yamaha Speaker S55 AUDIO SYSTEMS

YAMAHA S55 Speaker ลำโพง 6.5 นิ้ว 140 วัตต์ ตู้ลำโพงติดผนัง yamaha ลำโพงห้องประชุม 

Speaker 140 W. (PGM), 250 W. (MAX), 6 ohms Woofer 6.5″, Tweeter 1″ Titanium 6 Hz – 40 kHz 90 dB SPL ตู้ลำโพงติดผนัง Yamaha ลำโพง

ใช้งานเป็น ลำโพงห้องประชุม หรือลำโพง งาน 5.1 ติดกระจาย จามพื้นที่ต่างๆ


  • “Wide waveguide horn” produces an ideal spherical wave that delivers consistent acoustical energy and flat frequency response
  • Advanced two-way design employs high-quality components for smooth, flat response. Emphasis on natural reproduction has resulted in luxurious lows and an extended high-frequency range. Input capacity of up to 250 watts provides plenty of playback power for medium-sized or large retail establishments, CD shops, or rehearsal/karaoke studios
  • Both woofer and tweeter are high input capacity units designed for extended reliability. A protection circuit is also provided
  • Magnetic shielding allows placement near monitor displays
  • The S55 can be positioned vertically or horizontally. A variety of installation brackets are available as options
Frequency response: 60Hz to 40KHz
Power capacity: 140W(PGM), 250W(Max.)
Nominal impedance: 6ohms
Sensivity: 90dB SPL (1W/1m)
Dispersion: 120K
Others: Protection (Tweeter)
Components: LF: 16cm cone, HF: 2.5cm + Wave-guide horn
Enclosure: Bass-reflex type
Input Terminal: Push terminal x1
Dimensions: 370Wx250Hx215D (mm)
Weight: 6.0Kg