Yamaha Stereo Power Amplifiers

TXn Series >>> 

TX6n, TX5n, TX4n

Intelligent, network-ready touring amplifiers with onboard DSP and flexible I/O options.





PC-1N Series >>> 

PC9501N, PC6501N, PC4801N, PC3301N, PC2001N

Networkable power amplifiers that achieve superior reproduction quality with remarkably low power consumption.







 PX Series >>> 

PX10, PX8, PX5, PX3

The versatile PX series power amplifiers lineup combines intelligent processing with high output power to meet the requirements of a vast range of sound reinforcement environments.





XP Series >>>

XP7000, XP5000, XP3500, XP2500, XP1000

With adjustable input sensitivity and voltage characteristics, these power amplifiers are ideal for installations.






Tn Series >>>

T5n, T4n, T3n

Ideal touring amplifiers with reliable 2-ohm drive capability for line arrays



P-S Series >>>

P7000S, P5000S, P3500S, P2500S

Versatile I/O and Yamaha Speaker Processing in power amplifiers that deliver high performance as well as economy.




MA/PA Series >>>


Lo-Z/Hi-Z switchable Class-D amplifiers that provide a smart simple audio solutions for any small to mid-sized applications.