SOTO Air Purifier Explorer 2 เครื่องฟอกอากาศ รุ่น 601FN



SOTO Air Purifier เครื่องฟอกอากาศ รุ่น Explorer 2 The elegant commercial air purifier. air purifier is a medical grade air purifier and one of the most advanced commercial air purifiers on the market.




1. Key parts Metal Pre-filter/Electronic cell/Activated carbon filter/ UV-Photo catalytic device/ Negative ion generator
Photocatalyst system Yes
Negative ion Yes
Product operation Key operation/remote control operation
Air flow speed 5 speeds
Noise level  ≤566dB (A)


Technical parameters

Rated voltage a.c 220V, 50Hz
Input power 181.2W
UV lamp 24Wx2
Negative ion >3x10% cm³
Fuse a.c 250V, 2A



Essential information
Product SOTO-AE/Code601FN air disinfection purifier
Model SOTO-AE/Code601FN
Dimensions 168.5cm x 50cmx38.5cm
Shipping dimensions 180cm x 58cm x 40cm
Weight 56.1kg
Color white
Power cord 2.5m